Willow Springs

Sat. 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Sun. 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Willow Springs Park, 199 Millardsville Road, Richland,
PA 17087

More Information

Members, Instructors and Certified Assistants may enter Willow Springs at 8:30 AM. All other visitors may enter at 9:00 AM.

Willow Springs Lake Park is gated and there is no access to parking until the stated entry time.

All Members & Day Pass Divers must have a signed waiver, dated for the day of diving and check in at the Willow Springs office before entry to the Lake.  All certified divers must show their Certification Card for approval.

Parking space in general is limited so please carpool if possible. All parking must be in the designated parking areas. Please do not park in the grass area by the Lake, it is reserved for diver’s tent set ups for sun and rain coverage and table setups.

Certified Assistants and all other divers will be parking in the stone lot to the right side of the entrance past the pond.  It is advised to have a cart or dolly to transport your scuba equipment to the Lake side.

For Instructors, please be advised that the roadway to the Lake is a single lane road. Please be safe and courteous to your fellow divers. Instructors will be able to park at the Lake side up to capacity.  As a courtesy from one professional to another, we ask that vehicles are parked parallel to each other with enough distance to comfortably access your vehicle. Additional parking is available in a single file on the road after the parking lot area.

BBQ Grills are allowed but all coals must be removed by the person responsible for the grill.

There are 2 porta-toilets available, one by the lake side and one by the Office building, but there is no running water on the property.